“I first started seeing Julie a year ago and at that time I was very sad, depressed and lonely. After thirty years, divorce looked inevitable and I even questioned if life was worth living.

I was a severely repressed Crossdresser to the point of a complete and utter denial so effective that when I went to see Julie it didn’t even cross my mind that this was an issue. I simply thought that there was either something physiologically missing in my brain, or an undiagnosed Asbergers or something was the reason behind why I was the way I was.

Julie’s pleasant no nonsense manner is wonderful and I received nothing but complete acceptance without judgement as she helped me unearth numerous self issues going back a lifetime. Resources to help educate me were suggested and provided to enabled me to form a base of understanding relating to relationships, intimacy and sex. Then a process of normalising crossdressing which helped me gain self acceptance of myself as a person.

Nothing was rushed, and never were there any overt “pushes” towards decisions that needed to be made. Rather a gentle encouragement towards the next goal or understanding. Which is not to say she doesn’t tell it how it is, she does. She doesn’t mince words nor fall for diversions or denials,she just bides her time till the moment is right and you are ready for it. She doesn’t try to live your life for you, nor dictate your actions, just provide a pathway to understand and accept it in order to be able to make the right decisions and, if possible, mend the wrong ones. If not possible then to accept them and move on as a stronger person.

Concurrently Julie met weekly with my spose who has had a very difficult time coming to terms with my crossdressing. This has proven invaluable. My somewhat fanciful view that my wife would enthusiastically embrace my feminine side had us on a path to destruction. Julie brought me to the reality of the situation that she will never ever ever (there was a lot more evers) be able to accept it, but that we can still love and live together. She enabled my wife to appreciate the fact that cross dressing is a need not a want, which will make me a better, more complete, balanced and less stressed individual. Julie helped here not just in the life coping emotional needs but in the practical day to day, year to year planning for both of us.

A year on from the day I walked in nervously to Julie’s suite I am happier than I have ever been and feel like I am a real person living a real life. A better husband, a better parent, and a much better feeling deep inside that tells me I am Ok. No one has a magic wand, but Julie’s help has been, and still is, magic in my life.”

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Her transgendered Partner is also one of Julie’s clients… This is the type of knowledge, understanding and acceptance Julie helps to bring to light.


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