Exaltation Orgasms

The meaning of the word exalt is to raise in rank, to elevate, to glorify, praise and honour to fill with sublime emotion. This word is often used in biblical terms.

Never have these terms been more appropriate than in teaching woman and to some extent men how to get the female orgasm to be full body and exquisite in the extreme.

Sexual therapy is largely about education and often readily orgasmic woman seek to explore the bounds of their sexuality and to enjoy pleasures without limits.

Somewhat Tantric in its origins, Exaltation orgasms are about breathing, getting in touch, freeing yourself from limited thinking and about sound. Feeling the energy of your sexuality to push and pour it thereby, allowing it through sound to have its full extent of exquisite expression which can be quite a noisy energetic release.

It is a truly satisfying experience leaving the woman with relieved pelvic congestion, exhaustion, satisfaction that can only be described as sublime. The woman will moan and often sob as she reaches the pinnacle of her essence sexually.

A combination of talk therapy training, breathing and sound training and hypnotherapy can bring about this result.


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