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Julie is very understanding, open minded, professional and non-judgemental.

Julie Lorenz’s extensive training and experience as a sex therapist help guide her clients to resolve many past and present issues.

“Relationship and sexual issues are a specialised area of interest for me, because when we get these areas of our lives right; so many other aspects of our life fall comfortably into place.”

Julie has trained many of Melbourne’s counselling and hypnotherapists as a senior lecturer at leading colleges and universities in Melbourne. Having seen many clients over the past 24 years, Julie’s clinical experience is both extensive and diverse.

Her sexual therapy and relationship counselling has provided many clients find a safe port to begin the process of discovery and recovery.

Many adults present with sexual issues related to healing after the end of a relationship, requiring special understanding and counselling to overcome any obsticals. It is often important to intervene early, repairing any resentments and hurts before they become a larger problem.

At times non-sexual relationships outside of the primary coupleship (sometimes referred to as “emotional affairs”) cause insecurities and jealousy.  These situations need special understanding to sort out before permanent damage is caused, or the relationship difficulties become terminal.

Sexual dysfunctions or other sexual issues can arrise from many different beginnings, such as a life stage dilemma, past emotional difficulties and thought patterns, as well as physical medical health issues.  Discovering and understanding these issues will assist on the road to healing and wholeness.

Hypnotherapy is often helpful in cases requiring behaviour change, such as dealing with porn addiction, premature ejaculation and many other aspects of sexual therapy.

As a trained hypnotherapist, Julie is able to effectively use hypnotherapy to assist with behaviour change for both sexual and other issues.

Julie Lorenz Specialises in Sex Therapy and Counselling in Melbourne

This highly specialised area requires an understanding of the nature of human sexuality and interpersonal relationships.  For those suffering from sexual dysfunctions, relationship issues and porn addiction, therapy can shed light on a new way of living. Individual and couple counselling can help bring about the beginning of a new sexual life.  All it takes sometimes is talking to the right person…


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